The Boyd School, Inc. provides services that are individually tailored to each child and are performed in accordance with his ISP.  The services include but are not limited to:
 1.)  Academic components,
 2.)  Residential living,
 3.)  Social services,
 4.)  Group counseling,
 5.)  Individual counseling (as needed),
 6.)  Family support (as needed),
 7.)  Psychiatric services,
 8.)  Routine medical, dental, and eye exams,
 9.)  Local transportation,
10.)  Basic living skills (group and individual)
11.)  Treatment Plan Development and Reviews.
12.)  Behavioral Modification Plans

Referrals & Intake

Applications may be made by calling, writing, or faxing a request for 
an Agency Referral Form.
Requirements for admission are:
1.)  Male between the ages of 6 and 18 (still in school),
2.)  Full scale IQ no lower than 72,
3.)  Must be able to live and function in small groups,
4.)  Must not be adjudicated,
5.)  Successful completion of a sex offenders program for those with a 
       history/diagnosis of recurring perpetration/sexual offender.

Information needed to complete the referral includes:

1.    Current ISP,                                     10.  Boyd School Admissions Handbook (signed),
2.    EPSDT Screening,                         11.  Confidentiality Policy,
3.    Court Order (if applicable),            12.  Information Release Authorization   
4.    Copy of Birth Certificate,                13.  Communication Form,
5.    Copy of Social Security Card,       14.  Medication Form,
6.    Copy of Medicaid Card,                 15.  Request for Special Education Form,
7.    Copy of Immunization Record,     16.  Acknowledgement of Receipt of Privacy Practices
8.    Current IEP,                                            and Use and Disclosure of PHI.
9.    School records,   

Please email us at for more information regarding our application process or to submit a referral for placement. Please click HERE to be directed to our referral questionnaire form that must be completed for a child to be considered for placement.