A Child-centered, Holistic Approach
The Boyd School, Inc. is a private agency designed to teach academic and behavioral skills to boys needing moderate to basic residential childcare.  Established in the spring of 1975, licensed by the Alabama Department of Human Resources and accredited by the Alabama Department of Education, the school is the outgrowth of a commitment to provide quality service to children in a normalized environment.  The program is small in terms of the number of students enrolled in order to insure that the environment remains normalized and that the optimal attention is given to each student.

All staff of The Boyd School, Inc. are expected to ascribe to a philosophy based on the premise that a child learns what he lives.  If a child is to live in a family, he must experience success in a family setting, not an institution.  If a child has failed in school, he must learn that school can be a successful experience for him.

The purpose of The Boyd School, Inc. treatment program is to work with children experiencing moderate to severe learning and behavior problems at home and school.  The goal, established for achieving this purpose, is the successful reintegration of the child with his family or integration of the child into an appropriate foster placement.  A component inherent in this goal is success by the child in a public school classroom appropriate for him in terms of his academic level and abilities.  The prime measure of success of a program rests on whether or not those children who have experienced the activities of the program can function adequately in society after being discharged.